Pariyah is an upcoming rap artist hailing from Norfolk, Va. Ever since the age of 7 he had an interest in the sound of hip-hop. Back in those days he was more drawn to the beat than the actual lyrics (Probably because niggas was rapping fast as a bitch lol). Hearing classics such as "It Ain't Hard To Tell" by Nas always fascinated him. He wondered how people (not even knowing what a producer or a sample was at the time) could take a song and reinvent it. Growing up he really took a huge liking towards Kanye West, N.E.R.D, Outkast and Lupe Fiasco. Their unorthodox styles and creativity were really appealing to young Pariyah. Back then these were some hip-hop's "pariahs" so its no secret he would be drawn to them. He too was an outcast in a lot of social settings growing up. In middle school he discovered the DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) FL Studio. He fell in love with the fact that he could finally create sounds. He sought to make similar sounding songs to those of his favorite artist.Eventually, he wanted to make his own. He didn't really take producing seriously until his junior year in high school. This is when he decided to dedicate his whole being to music quitting everything extracurricular. He made up his mind that he would either be successful with his craft or die trying. He eventually started recording with his best friend Beats 4 Eyes. They used a free recording software named Audacity, his computer and a $10 dollar Logitech microphone Pariyah bought from Walmart . They would spend hours trying to develop their lyricism and quality in hopes to become one of the greatest hip-hop duos in all time. During this time Pariyah became infatuated with trying to get their quality to sound as close to professional as possible. Eventually they disbanded due to creative differences (still homies til' this day though). Pariyah would find himself networking and developing his beats and MC skills. He often unintentionally mimicked his idols' cadences and other rising stars such as Wiz Khalifa, Tyler The Creator and ASAP Rocky to become a better artist. Along the way he would face a lot of doubt and criticism coming from his peers at school and his family. His dedication to music would be the cause of a lot of turmoil in his childhood home. He knew he wanted to make music for the rest of his life but his parents wanted him to stay in school and get a good paying job. They didn't necessarily tell him to quit making music but made it very clear not to put all of his eggs in one basket. He graduated high school and enrolled in Norfolk State University and Tidewater Community College but eventually dropped out to pursue music full-time. During this time he would learn music theory and study YouTube videos on mixing to make better quality songs. Along the way he would get odd jobs in order to fund his career and survive. It would be times where he would be jobless in order to make more time for his music. Even though the purpose of dropping jobs was to focus more on making songs and beats, life would sidetrack him like it does a lot of other young artists. He would get caught up in the usual ordinary bullshit such as girls, parties, drugs, fake friends and all other sorts of drama. It would be a lot of times where he lost his sense of identity in this horse ride of life. However he never got too deferred from his musical dreams always investing in new studio equipment and learning new skills. Pariyah uses his life experiences in his music in order to paint pictures with his own unique perspective. His message is to love and be yourself and to never be afraid to take a risk. Do what you gotta in order to live your dreams no matter what anyone says. Just listen to your heart and stay loyal to who loves you and you'll be ok. Nva Dwn